An Appetite for Change

It’s no secret that the food retail market is going through a major disruption, with new and unexpected competitors, changing consumer demands and digital processes that are impacting the way people shop.

Are you and your company prepared for the adjustments you will need to make to navigate your way through a successful 2018 and beyond? Surviving—and thriving—depends on understanding the big picture. Progressive retailers know the value of attending the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference.

Join in and you will see the value of the family getting together. Midwinter attendees are from all retailers --large national chains, mid-size regional operators, independently owned stores and wholesalers.

You will be among friends and family.


Enriching Relationships, Exceeding Expectations

Consumers’ health-conscious attitudes have them shopping the store perimeter, as they’re seeking the freshest foods, local sourcing and specialty items of the highest quality. Their desire for transparent information is also taking them online for ordering, cross-channel research and decision-making.

Through powerful networking events, targeted education sessions and the exclusive Strategic Executives Exchange (SEE) program, retailers can identify optimal digital solutions, capitalize on trends like online shopping and explore strategies to maintain sustainable growth and exceed customer expectations.

Keeping Pace

Progressive food retailers are keeping pace with these customer preferences by:

  • Creating unique in-store experiences with a matching online presence
  • Curating expert analysis and understanding

FMI Member Invitation-Only 

FMI Midwinter Executive Conference presents a rare invitation-only opportunity for top food retail executives to meet with hundreds of key suppliers, expand existing partnerships and share ideas with other industry leaders to capitalize on trends, maintain sustainable growth and exceed customer expectations. See the FMI Members who have accepted the invitation and will be joining the 2018 event.

Gain the critical insights

The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference will be a storehouse of information and tools you can use as you gear up to take on competitive forces you never imagined before.

Top analysts and researchers from inside and outside the industry will provide you with the insight required as we head into a promising, albeit challenging, future.

Questions that you may have never thought to ask five or 10 years ago will be examined during the Midwinter Conference:

  • What do consumers believe are the important trends in Fresh and what will they be asking for this year?
  • How is food being consumed now that is different from the way it was in the past? And what do you need to do to adjust to the changing consumption patterns?
  • What are the obstacles that must be overcome if food retailing is going to truly embrace the new digital world?
  • What does consumer loyalty mean in 2018, and how can you capture it?
  • How do you keep up with the fast-changing tastes of the consumer of tomorrow?

Join a selected group of your peers to explore these questions and many more at this year’s FMI Midwinter Executive Conference. See the 2018 attendees list here.

Big-Picture Concepts with an Independent Focus

Catering to retailers of every size and type, this event is the key to discovering new profit centers, effectively implementing innovative technology and flourishing in the ever-evolving marketplace.

If you are an independent operator, this invitation-only event presents a rare opportunity for independent operators in the food retail space to meet with hundreds of key suppliers, expand existing partnerships and share ideas with other industry leaders.

It’s a prime time to focus on the future, by applying current industry information to create a profitable succession plan.

2018 Retailer/Wholesaler Participants