FMI Foundation presents: Stir It Up!

Come Join us at the 2018 Mid Winter Executive Conference!


We look forward to seeing you at this no-suit, no-tie, FMI Foundation fundraising event, where food industry leaders Stir It Up!—preparing, sharing and daring to make the best family meal.

In this friendly cooking competition, our own FMI Foundation supporters design and serve tasting menus from demo kitchen stations that will be set up for casual dining and your entertainment. Each demo kitchen station will compete to raise the most money and win awards honoring family meals, with nods for cooking the Healthiest, Easiest, Tastiest and Most Affordable meals, in addition to Best Breakfast, Best Lunch and Best Culinary Adventure.

Each "Demo Kitchen Station" will compete against each other to raise the most money and to win cooking awards honoring Family Meals -- Healthiest, Easiest, Tastiest, Most Affordable, Best Breakfast and Lunch, and Best Culinary Adventure.