Donald H. MacManus Association Executive Award Recipients

For extraordinary leadership in public affairs, industry relations and community relations. Mr. MacManus served the industry for many years as executive director of the Rocky Mountain Food Dealers Association and as FMI's Western Region director. Was also a leader in the Colorado State Senate, rising to the position of Democratic whip.

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is proud to announce the 2015 recipients of the Donald H. MacManus Association Executive Award. Congratulations to Ronald Fong and Keri Askew Bailey from the California Grocers Association.

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Keri Askew Bailey 2015 FMI MacManus Award Winner
Ronald Fong 2015 FMI MacManus Award Winner

Past Winners:

1990 Barbara McConnell, New Jersey Food Council
1991 Donald Beaver, California Grocers Association
1992 Wesley Ball, Tennessee Grocers Association
1993 Charles McDonald, Alabama Retail Association
1994 David L. McCorkle, Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association
1995 Richard C. Botti, Hawaii Food Industry Association
1996 Joseph A. Lackey, Indiana Grocery & Convenience Store Association
1997 James V. Olsen, Utah Food Industry Association
1998 Kathy Kuzava, Georgia Food Industry Association
1999 Joe Williams, Gulf Coast Retailers Association of Texas
2000 Christopher Flynn, Massachusetts Food Association
2001 Thomas S. Jackson, Ohio Grocers Association
2002 Brandon Scholz, Wisconsin Grocers Association
2003 Nancy Christensen, Minnesota Grocers Association
2004 Chuck Courtney and Karen Reagan, Texas Retailers Association
2005 Peter J. Larkin, California Grocers Association
2006 Joe Gilliam, Northwest Grocery Association
2007 James T. Rogers, Food Industry Alliance of New York State
2008 Jerry Fleagle, CAE, Iowa Grocery Industry Association
2009 Fran Preston, North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and Carolinas Food Industry Council
2010 Kathy Siefken, Nebraska Grocery Industry Association
2011 Jim Harrison, Vermont Grocers Association
2012 Linda Doherty, New Jersey Food Council

2013 Linda M. Gobler, Michigan Grocers Association
2014 Jarron Springer, Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association
2015 Ronald Fong, California Grocers Association
        Keri Askew Bailey, California Grocers Association