Awards and Community Outreach

Food is so central to human interactions that we frequently speak of social experiences using a food–related vocabulary. Dinner date, family meal, business lunch, neighborhood barbeque and holiday feast, all describe occasions where food is the framework providing the possibility of human connection.

Through the following awards, FMI recognizes the community building efforts of industry leaders and highlight the oft-unheralded contributions supermarkets make to their communities:

Community Outreach Awards

Honoring retailers for the life enriching programs they offered their respective communities. The Awards are given out in three categories: Neighborhood Health Improvement, Food Insecurity and Youth Development. Nominations open in the fall of each year

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Store Manager Awards

For exceptional service to customers, employees and the community using innovative initiatives that contribute to company success. Managers are honored in four categories based on company size.

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Supermarket Chef Showdown Awards

FMI’s Supermarket Chef Showdown is the annual recipe competition designed specifically to celebrate and honor culinary professionals working in the supermarket industry. Fifteen finalists will compete live at FMI Connect in Chicago  for the title of FMI Supermarket Chef Showdown Champion.

View 2015 Finalists here

Gold Plate Awards

The 2015 Gold Plate Awards highlight outstanding programs FMI members have implemented to encourage families to share more meals, together at home, more often. This year in conjunction with the FMI Foundation’s launch of National Family Meals Month™, we also honor the contributions these companies are making to help raise consumer awareness of the many benefits of family meals. 

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FMI Executive Awards

Sidney R. Rabb Award
For excellence in serving the consumer, the community and the industry. As a long-time industry leader and chief executive of The Stop and Shop Supermarket Company, Mr. Rabb was a role model for statesmanship and community service, recognizing the industry's higher purpose in serving society.

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William H. Albers Industry Relations Award
For excellence in trading partner relations and consumer and community service. A supermarket pioneer, Mr. Albers served as the first chairman of the Board of Directors of the Super Market Institute, one of FMI's predecessor associations, from 1937-1944. 

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Herbert Hoover Award
For humanitarian service in the food industry. The award was established in 1961 in honor of Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States, inspired by humanitarian campaigns he led working with the food industry. 

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Glen P. Woodard, Jr., Public Affairs Award
For compelling advocacy of public policies on behalf of the industry in Washington, DC, and state capitals. Mr. Woodard set the standard for excellence in government affairs advocacy on behalf of Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., and the Food Marketing Institute. 

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Donald H. MacManus Association Executive Award
For extraordinary leadership in public affairs, industry relations and community relations. Mr. MacManus served the industry for many years as executive director of the Rocky Mountain Food Dealers Association and as FMI's Western Region director. Was also a leader in the Colorado State Senate, rising to the position of Democratic whip.

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Esther Peterson Consumer Service Award
For a lifetime of vision, integrity and caring sensitivity to the needs of retail food customers. Ms. Peterson served as special assistant for consumer affairs under U.S. Presidents Johnson and Carter and pioneered the role for the food industry as vice president for consumer affairs at Giant Food Inc.

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Robert B. Wegman Award For Entrepreneurial Excellence
Celebrates the food retailer or wholesaler responsible for creating exceptional retail innovations.  The award is presented to the food retailer - whether overseeing multiple stores or servicing as an independent operator -  who is exercising entrepreneurial leadership in the design of retail strategies and imaginative merchandising.

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