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Speaks 2019: Success Despite or Because of Challenges

What did the 70th version of Speaks reveal? It paints the picture of a resilient industry continuing to address the diverse range of challenges confronting it. Some of the hurdles are old and familiar, such as growing interchange fees and rising health care costs. Some issues, like transportation challenges, are new. And some—such as the proliferation of competitors—have grown in intensity.

Groundbreaking Moments in Food Retail - The Most Recent Such Moment Will Require Additional Work

The history of supermarkets and grocery stores resounds with groundbreaking events. Through every change, food retailers have sought to preserve the trust customers have placed in them and this includes protecting the confidentiality of private businesses’ commercial data.

Remember Your First Job?

As leaders, we all started somewhere. The food retail industry is a noted provider of first-job opportunities for young workers. Many of these employees transition their first roles in a supermarket into a steppingstone for a future career in grocery, retail, sales – or even a different industry.