Strategic Plan
When It’s Time to Plan, Best Plan to Make Time

We seek to develop a strategic plan that will ensure FMI can be responsive to the rapidly evolving needs of our members and that puts us on the trajectory to be the gold standard of association service and advocacy for our constituents.

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Moving from Worry to What Works

I have a confession to make. It bothers me that the most popular feature in FMI’s Food Retailing Industry Speaks report is the section dubbed the Worry Index. As a good-news oriented, lets-find-the-opportunity–here kind of person, it troubles me that the piece of FMI research posed for annually providing a snapshot of the state of the food retail industry tends to focus on concerns and apprehensions.

Milk Products
A Standard of Identity Crisis

This transient nature of vocabulary – where words can shift and take on additional definitions or shades of meaning -- is becoming a significant issue in the world of food retail.