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Submissions are currently only being accepted from Associate Member companies and are subject to the evaluation and approval of the FMI based on established criteria. To submit materials for review, please complete this online form.

FMI reserves the right to remove Knowledge Portal content at any time for any reason

  • Do not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal material.  Do not post any information or material that is protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.  By posting material, you warrant that you own the copyright with respect to such material or have received appropriate permission or licenses from the copyright owner.   In addition by posting you grant FMI and users of the site the nonexclusive right and permission to display, copy, publish distribute, print and use such information or material.

  • It is FMI’s policy to comply with the antitrust laws in all respects. No material may be posted that might be viewed as either expressly or indirectly leading to an agreement to fix prices , organize a group boycott, or to facilitate refusals to deal with suppliers or customers or to  allocate territories among competitors.

  • FMI reserves the right to refuse to post submitted material or to remove posted material from site at any time if the content does not follow these guidelines.

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  • Substantive Merit. Do materials address scope areas in a professional and/or definitive way?

  • Utility/Importance. Are materials relevant to current industry trends and priorities and of interest/use to the retailer audience? Preference will be given to submissions that cover FMI strategic pillars (e.g. food safety, sustainability, health & wellness)

  • Completeness. Are materials complete and usable as presented? Presentations that primarily include visual aids for a speech should have speaker notes or some other content that explains the visuals.

  • Impartiality. As best possible, do the materials avoid being a marketing piece for a specific company? Sales materials are not appropriate for the Knowledge Portal.

  • Timeliness. Are the materials current and reflective of the latest thinking in the field? In general, documents should be submitted within twelve months of original publication date. 

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