FMI Industry Research

FMI's industry research looks at all aspects of the food retail industry from shopper trends to business operations to provide insightful, relevant and current research. Click on a research report below to access a full copy. 

FMI's Signature Research 

  • Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2016

    For 66 years, FMI has been surveying the food retail industry to develop important operational and financial benchmarks ranging from sales and profits to shrink, turns and differentiation tactics. The survey research results in The Food Retailing Industry Speaks (Speaks) report.
  • 2016 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends

    The Food Marketing Institute has long supported U.S. food retailers through annual surveys of shopper behaviors and attitudes, providing consistent metrics to evaluate the changing market landscape. This year, FMI worked with the Hartman Group to supplement our U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends research perspective with a cultural lens, interviewing Americans in their homes and while shopping, and drawing upon ethnographic research into U.S. food consumption and consumers.


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Additional FMI Research

  • Power of Fresh Prepared Deli

    The inaugural Power of Fresh Prepared/Deli 2016 documents the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of deli/fresh prepared, its opportunity, image, store destination and above all, the ways in which stores can meet, and exceed, consumer expectations in this space.
  • Trends in Mass-Market Floral

    Mass-market floral departments make an important and increasing contribution to both individual store and overall chain performance. Beyond the numbers, floral offerings help retailers engage with customers at an emotional level with beautiful, multisensory products that connect shoppers to their loved ones and friends.

    The research findings documented in this report provide a comprehensive industry snapshot of today’s mass-market floral retail business.


  • Shopping for Health 2016

    Shopping for Health, a survey of American grocery shoppers that has been conducted for over 20 years by Rodale, Inc. (publisher of health and wellness lifestyle brands Prevention, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Bicycling, and Rodale’s Organic Life) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), examines the various ways in which health & nutritional concerns affect food buying and eating decisions; gauges food shoppers’ awareness, interests & attitudes regarding food, health & nutrition; understands efforts to manage eating & diets; and measures parents’ attitudes and activities regarding meals for children.

  • Power of Produce 2016

    The Power of Produce identifies the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of fruit and vegetables from planning the purchase, channel choice and preparation all the way through recommendations to improve shopping the produce department.
  • GM/HBC in the Grocery Channel: A Playbook to Win

    FMI recently commissioned a study conducted by Acosta Strategic Advisors on identify winning growth strategies for GM/HBC in the grocery channel. Initial findings from the research were released in this presentation by John Clevenger during FMI Connect  and include easy-to-implement tactics for increasing GM/ HBC sales in grocery stores.Full presentation.

  • Power of Meat 2016

    The Power of Meat provides an annual update of shopper habits regarding meat and poultry pre-trip, in-store and at home. This highly valued shopper research, unveiled at the Annual Meat Conference each year, provides unique perspective on how consumer preferences and buying patterns have shifted in the past decade, while addressing hot new trends affecting the meat department.

  • The Sophistication of Supermarket Fresh Prepared Foods

    The landscape of supermarket fresh prepared foods (FPF) has changed dramatically in recent years and this has had a significant impact on consumers, food retailers, and traditional foodservice operators alike. Many of these changes are directly attributable to the growing sophistication of the people, processes, and preparation methods employed by leading supermarkets. FMI and Technomic conducted this research study to evaluate supermarket prepared foods' practices and metrics. This white paper describes key learnings which support the idea of accelerating sophistication.