Safe Quality Food Institute, Alchemy Release New Practitioner Training Course

July 25, 2012

AUSTIN, TX – July 25, 2012 – Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and one of the world’s leading Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification bodies, and Alchemy, the global leader in food and workplace safety training for production workers, announced today the launch of a co-developed online course and exam for SQF professionals. This course and examination assures that SQF practitioners have demonstrated knowledge of the newly issued SQF Code, Edition 7.

“By creating this training system, we can better prepare SQF food safety professionals to effectively manage their food safety and quality systems, reducing costly recalls and enhancing the food safety culture within their  organization,” said Robert Garfield, senior vice president of SQFI. “In addition, the course provides applicable HACCP based examples that will challenge users and elevate the principles of an audit for real-life scenarios.”

The course titled “Implementing SQF Systems” educates participants on the updated SQF Code, Edition 7, including:
  • Implementing an SQF System
  • Preparing for the SQF audit
  • Establishing preventive systems to stop costly withdrawals and recalls
  • Developing food quality and food safety plans based on HACCP principles
  • Implement GMPs or GAPs to ensure the safe growth, manufacture and delivery of food
“Alchemy is honored to be working with such a highly recognized and respected organization to continue the effort of increasing food safety throughout the food manufacturing and processing industry,” said Jeff Eastman, CEO at Alchemy Systems. “The key attributes that underscore the course’s learning experience include, interaction and knowledge checks, which offer a convenience that has never before been available. We are excited about being SQF’s online partner creating education materials for individuals interested in learning more about the SQF Code and becoming an SQF practitioner.”

Alchemy and SQF will host a series of informational webinars for individuals interested in SQF practitioner training beginning in August. Webinar speakers, Kristie Grzywinski, technical manager at SQF and Laura Nelson, industry relations director at Alchemy Systems, will discuss the content delivered through the new online practitioner courses and what to expect with the updated SQF Code, Edition 7. To find out more information and to register for one of the upcoming webinars, visit


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