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Welcome to the Wholesalers’ page of the new  As a member of FMI’s Board of Directors, I am especially pleased to serve as Chairman of FMI’s Wholesaler Committee.  I, along with other wholesalers, who sit on FMI’s Board of Directors, represent the wholesalers’ interests.  Please let me or the FMI staff know whenever we can bring your issue or concern to FMI.

So please bookmark this page so you can check for updates and additional resources often. 

--Mr. Joseph Sheridan, President and  COO, Wakefern Food Corporation
  Chairman, FMI’s Wholesaler Committee
  Member of FMI’s Board of Directors


The Wholesaler Committee evaluates FMI’s activities and makes recommendations on programming and services uniquely applicable to Wholesalers. 

Click here to view the Wholesaler Committee roster (login required).

Results in on Wholesaler and Distributor Survey

Despite their concerns, distributors are generally optimistic about their own business prospects in the next 12 months, with 95 percent reporting that their organizations are thriving or holding steady, said Karen Kurek, distribution lead for McGladrey.  "Distributor sales generally are growing (81 percent increased sales over the past 12 months), although they are expected to grow at a much slower rate in the coming year."

Learn about this and more in the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence/McGladrey Monitor survey results.  This survey spoke with Wholesalers and Distributors (NAW and FMI members)) and the report icluldes information on employment, process improvements, inventories, information technology and more.

Click here to view the survey.


How do retailers and manufacturers grow? - Thom Blischok, Chief Retail Strategist at Booz & Company presents the FMI 2012 Trends webinar

Based on data farom the U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2012 survey, FMI's Trends Overview webinar is now available online for free download.  Hear representatives from FMI's research partners, Booz and Company, present key information and offer food retail implications regarding four macro-trends in the industry:  the value-seeking consumer, technology, E-commerce and innovations in store format.

Transportation Issues - FMI Federal Regulatory Update

Click here to see FMI's August Federal Regulatory Update.  The last two articles under the title of Department of Transportation will be of interest to FMI Wholesaler Members:
   - FMI Files Joint Brief on Hours of Service Challenge
   - DOT Opens Docket on Transportation of Hazardous Substances in Reverse Logistics


This year at FMI2012, 11 wholesalers participated in the FMI Group Advantage Program bringing 235 of their independent operator members to the show at the lowest registration fees available.  Congratulations all!

While attending FMI2012 your independents participated in store tours, Power Hours meetings with vendors and the Independent Operator Hard Hat Tour.  Click here to go to our Independent Operator page and view photos of the Tour and the participants.

Click here to access the presentations from the FMI2012 workshop tracks and general sessions.

Something to think about … One of FMI Wholesaler Members held their board meeting in conjunction with FMI2012.  It was a perfect opportunity to get together just before the education sessions began on Sunday, April 30th.   We would welcome any wholesaler to do the same at future events, just let us know you’re interested.


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For more information about FMI’s Wholesaler membership, please contact Dagmar T. Farr, Senior Vice President, Member Services, at; Patrick Walsh, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations, Education & Research, at; or Gladys Swearingen at