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The FMI membership directory provides you with the ability to find industry colleagues, new products and services, current and potential customers and clients, FMI Board of Directors, Committees, staff, mission statement and bylaws. Click on the links below to access these sections of the directory. Please contact the Membership department for questions, comments or updates to the information presented.

FMI Membership Directory - a searchable database of FMI Retailer, Wholesaler, Associate and Private Brands members.

Buyers Guide - a comprehensive list of FMI's Associate and Private Brands members sorted by product category.

FMI Board of Directors - a complete list of FMI Officers and Directors including photos.

FMI Committees
FMI depends on active member involvement through committees to provide leadership and guidance to the professional staff. The committees set goals for FMI's programs in government relations, food safety and defense, public and consumer information, research, education and industry cooperation. They also determine the Institute's position on federal and state government issues. The committees make sure all of FMI's policies and programs meet member needs and are instrumental to the Institute's overall operations.

The functions of the committees are as diverse as the industry, but they all need active involvement from the general membership. In return, committee members develop both personal and working relationships with other FMI members.

FMI Associate and Private Brands Members at the Gold Level and above have the opportunity to sponsor or host an FMI committee.

If you would like to join a committee, please contact the staff coordinator or Dagmar Farr at 202.220.0619 or email.

FMI Association Council - Listing of state grocers associations.

Latin American Supermarket Association (ALAS)

FMI Mission Statement

FMI Bylaws