Member Community


FMI depends on active member involvement through committees to provide leadership and guidance to the professional staff. The committees set goals for FMI's programs in research, education, government relations, industry relations, communications, consumer affairs and other areas important to members. They also determine the institute's positions on federal and state government issues. The committees make sure all of FMI's policies and programs meet member needs and are instrumental to the institute's overall operations.

There are five Board Committees, which consist of members of the Board of Directors; seven Oversight or Special Committees with representatives of the Board and general membership; and 29 Operating Committees, whose members come primarily from the general membership.

The functions of the committees are as diverse as the industry, but they all need active involvement by the membership. In return, committee members develop both personal and working relationships with other FMI members.

If you would like to join a committee, please contact the staff coordinator or Dagmar Farr, Senior Vice President, Consumer Affairs and Member Services, at 202-220-0619, or email.

View committee descriptions and a complete directory of committee lists.