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FMI has an active Sustainable Seafood Committee, with representatives from over 20 retailer and wholesaler member companies working together to help identify the issues, prioritize them and develop tools and resources most needed by our industry to help us under sustainable seafood and create good sourcing and customer tools and engagement strategies.  We work in partnership with our suppliers and NGO partners, focusing on pre-competitive strategies that move the industry forward faster.  We have face-to-face meetings biannually, and monthly issues based conference calls.  Our committee is open to interested FMI member retailers and wholesalers.

Here are some of the resources we have developed as free tools for the industry:

 Sustainable Seafood 101: This is a document that can help you answer customer and employee questions aobut sustainable seafood- a valuable tool as you get started.

Sustainable Seafood Toolkit: This toolkit, developed courtesy of Bumblebee Foods, provides ideas, best practice examples from 14 companies, guidelines and outside resources for developing your own sustainable seafood procurement program.

Other Resources:

FMI has great relationships with our supplier partners and NGO's, below are links to a few organizations that provide valuable information.

The National Fisheries Institute

World Wildlife Fund

The New England Aquarium

The Conservation Alliance