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FMI provides leadership for our industry and member companies as we work to develop sustainability tools and resources to help reduce waste, source more sustainable products, increase recycling rates, improve packaging and focus on the "green business case" for new programs and tools to help you with implementing these initiatives. 

FMI’s Sustainability Executive Committee, comprised of executives from our retail and wholesale members provides leadership, insight and expertise on an ongoing basis. 

Sustainable Seafood Toolkit for Retailers

The FMI Sustainable Seafood Retailer Toolkit is a free resource which was created by FMI's Sustainable Seafood Committee. The toolkit will assist food retailers with the integration and implementation of sustainable seafood procurement policies and procedures.  In the toolkit you will learn about: making the business case internally; initiating an assessment of your seafood category; developing guidelines to create your own program; connecting with industry peers; partnering with seafood suppliers; partnering with non-governmental organizations; engaging and enlisting the support of store associates and communicating with customers.   

In the NEWS

FMI has identified key priorities and actions moving forward to help the industry address issues, priorities and develop tools and resources to move forward with sustainability.  As reported from the Sustainability Summit, these articles may be helpful.

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