Honorable Mentions

BD&K Foods – Fixin’s

BD&K Foods in Columbus, Georgia promotes family-style meals and southern-style goodness with their Fixin’s line of hot, healthy, ready-to-eat packaged vegetables and side dishes. BD&K Foods recognized that the 800 million rotisserie chickens sold in retail each year are only the beginning of a family meal. The Fixin’s program places traditional side dishes in the same steam table as the chickens to demonstrate simple, wholesome family meal options. The side dishes are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients and each Fixin’s package includes a Fixin’s Fact about the advantages of eating family dinners together. CEO Kevin Jordan believes how you eat is as important as what you eat and the Fixin program allows families to come together over a well-rounded meal even on the busiest of days.


Hannaford Supermarkets - Veggie of the Month 

Hannaford’s Veggie of the Month program moves the supermarket chain from a supporting role to center stage in promoting healthy eating and family meals. The company has long been a partner in local initiatives and continues this involvement as they expand the Veggie of the Month program into classrooms with the “Gimme Five” challenge. Both the challenge and the program focus on an area Hannaford identified as a primary healthy-eating struggle for families – getting kids to eat their veggies! The Veggie of the Month program highlights seasonal vegetables with kid-friendly recipes, take-away information on health benefits, and fun educational activities. All 181 Hannaford stores participate in the program and a customer survey reveals high customer satisfaction, with 79 percent reporting they felt the program supported parent efforts to establish healthy habits for children.


Safeway’s Sustaining Meal Solutions Platform

In 2012, Safeway research revealed that 11 percent of store trips were to shop for an imminent meal. Identifying an opportunity to provide healthy and quick meals, Safeway partnered with The Coca-Cola Company to develop the Sustaining Meal Solutions Platform. The program aims to transform the deli department into a destination for quick service family meals. Safeway focuses on take-home family meals, such as a roasted chicken with two sides. The package deal is an easy solution for busy families and reminds shoppers that family meals are accessible and affordable. The program has been universally replicated and reaches about 1.2 million households. Coca Cola and Safeway continue their partnership as they look to new categories of shoppers and expand meal offerings to include breakfast and lunch bundles.