Animal Welfare

FMI believes animal welfare issues, including animal husbandry practices and humane processing, are issues of importance to all of its members. 

Special Resources on Cage Free Eggs

Here are some resources from both FMI and other organizations on cage free eggs

  • Josh Balk, HSUS Senior Director of Food Policy for the Humane Society of the United States answered questions on the issue of Cage Free Eggs. For the recorded call please click here. For a list of questions asked, visit the CCA portal meeting notes.

Egg Webinar Recordings

Cage Free Egg Production

A discussion with United Egg Producers about cage free egg production for food retailers.
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Is There a Best Housing System for Hens?

Roosters and Hens from USDA Calendar
The co-lead researchers for Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply (CSES) will offer insight into the results from a three-year, commercial-scale study of cage-free, conventional cage and enriched colony housing.
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FMI Animal Welfare Resources

  • Evaluation of Animal Welfare Guidelines

    This evaluation of the animal welfare guidelines established by various meat and poultry commodity associations was performed by the Food Marketing Institute’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of animal scientists and veterinarians from the fields of academia and veterinary medicine.

Chicken Check In Website

Chicken check in
The National Chicken Council's Chicken Check In website provides real answers to questions about chicken production in the U.S., and gives Americans a close look at the lives of the birds and how they get to our tables every day. Learn More

FMI Policy Statement on Animal Welfare

FMI's Board of Directors has adopted an industry policy and program components to be shared with our customers and our suppliers in the producer community. Developed in 2012, this represents the industry’s current policy on animal welfare. See the Full Animal Welfare Policy Statement

FMI Food Animal Advisory Comittee

Drawn from the academic disciplines of animal and veterinary science, FMI’s Food Animal Advisory Committee is group of experts in animal husbandry and behavior, veterinary medicine and agriculture production providing counsel, advice and consultation services to FMI membership regarding issues of food animal welfare. Learn More

FMI Animal Welfare Archive

This achieve holds resources on animal welfare dating back to 2001. Visit the Animal Welfare Archive