State Issues Report

  • FMI State Issues Report - February 16, 2017

    In this edition:

    • Legislative Deadlines Approach
    • Illinois Legislator Asks State to Drink its way out of Budget Woes
    • Philly Law on Wage Equity Countered by State Legislature 
    • Gov. Cuomo Signs NYC Plastic Bag Moratorium 
    • Virginia Takes Aim at Local Meals Tax Referendums
    • Grocery Industry Launches New Initiative to Reduce Consumer Confusion on Product Date Labels
    • SNAP Photo ID and Weights and Measures Updated Issue Papers
  • FMI State Issues Report - February 2, 2017

    In this edition:

    • SNAP Waiver Request Bill Advances in Arkansas 
    • E-Fairness Advances in Courts and State Legislatures 
    • 2017 State Legislative Outlook Now Available 
    • New CRS Pub Out on Domestic Feeding Programs
    • Uncork Kansas Reignites Campaign to Put Wine in Grocery Stores
  • FMI State Issues Report - January 19, 2017

    In this edition:

    • USDA Will Release SNAP Sales Data Imminently 
    • MO Governor Suspends New Regulations 
    • Four States Discuss SNAP Food Choice
    • New York State Legislators Seek To Block NYC Carryout Bag Fee
    • NWCM Sends Forward Tare on Register Receipt Requirement for Full Vote 
  • FMI State Issues Report - December 21, 2016

    In this edition:

    • CA BPA Regular Regulation Approved
    • Three TN Counties OK'd to Buy Hot Foods with SNAP
    • Arizona WIC Moratorium Slated for Spring 2017 
    • PA WIC Considering Moratorium 
    • SCOTUS Declines to Hear CO "Amazon Tax" Law
    • Unfair Swipe Fees Holiday Campaign
  • FMI State Issues Report - Special Edition: Weights and Measures

    There are a number of weights and measures issues of interest to the grocery industry that are slated to appear before the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) during the Interim Meeting in San Antonio, Texas; January 8-11, 2017.

    Specifically, there are four that FMI will either oppose or monitor. It is important to note that while not all states adopt the different NIST Handbooks, many do and some states adopt different yearly versions. Also included at the end of this report is a newly-enacted item. Please submit all comments and questions to Elizabeth Tansing.

  • FMI State Issues Report - November 16, 2016

    In this edition: 

    • CSG Releases 2017 Shared State Legislation 
    • Summary of State Ballot Initiative Results 
    • Four States Increase Minimum Wage, Two Mandate Paid Sick Leave
    • New PA Law Clarifies that Payroll Debit Cards Are Permissible

  • FMI State Issues Report: Election Edition - November 3, 2016

    In this special "Election Edition": 

    - State Legislatures - 86 of 99 Up for Grabs
    - Over 150 Initiatives on State Ballots this November 
    - 2016 Governors Races
    - No On 97: Onerous Oregon Measure 97 Update
    - Oklahoma Initiative Allows Grocers to Expand Alcohol Sales

  • SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot Update

    As FMI previously reported to you, USDA is seeking retailer volunteers for a two-year, nationwide pilot to enable SNAP participants to purchase their groceries online. The pilot is slated to begin in summer 2017.  Originally, USDA announced that up to five retailers in three states will be selected for this pilot. Recently, USDA has expanded the list of eligible states significantly, with the exceptions of Alaska, California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Tennessee, US Virgin Islands, West Virginia and Wisconsin, as they will be converting from their current EBT Processor to a new EBT processor during the pilot implementation timeframe.
  • CA Prop 67/65 Updates

    The California Grocers Association (CGA) is reporting that the Yes on Prop. 67, campaign is polling at Yes- 52%/No- 39%. CGA wants a “yes” vote on this initiative, which will appear on the November 7 ballot.  A “yes” vote will keep in place a 2014 law (SB 270) on a uniform statewide ban of single-use plastic bags and prohibit a patchwork of new, different, local ordinances.
  • State and Local Employment Issues Discussed at U.S. Chamber Event

    On October 19, FMI participated in a discussion of “State and Local Employment Issues: What to Watch for and How to Win” at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Panelists included representatives from the Greater Washington, D.C. Board of Trade, The Manhattan Institute, The Society for Human Resource Management, The Business Council of Alabama, The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, and the Maine Chamber of Commerce, among others.