FMI's Government Relations Team publishes several regular newsletters for our members. Please use the sign up links below to receive these regular communications about our government relations work.

FMI GR Report 

FMI's GR Report is a weekly communication that provides FMI members with an update on the policy items that affect the food industry. Sign Up

FMI Tax Time

FMI Tax Time is a weekly newsletter covering proposed legislation or other potential changes to tax law, at both the federal and state levels; published by the Tax Policy Services Group, Deloitte Tax LLP Sign Up

FMI State Issues Report

FMI State Issues Report is a bi-weekly update of selective public policy issues occurring at the state and local levels. Sign Up

FMI Local Monitoring Report

FMI's weekly Local Monitoring Report  tracks six issues of particular importance to the supermarket industry at the local level. Contact Our State Affairs Team to Sign Up