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3 Rivers Natural Grocery
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A One Supermarket Limited
A.J.'s Fine Foods
Abundance Cooperative Market
Adams Hometown Markets
AEON Co., Ltd.
Affiliated Foods Midwest Cooperative, Inc.
AFS Insurance, Inc.
AG Supermarket Holdings
Agata & Valentina
Ahold Czech Republic, a.s.
Ahold Information Services
Ahold Retail Slovakia, k.s.
Ahold USA
AJS Supermarkets, LLC
Al's Franklin Street
Al's Supermarket
Albert Heijn B.V.
Albertsons, LLC
The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Co.
Alex Lee, Inc.
Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos S.A.
Allegiance Retail Services, LLC
Alpena Supermarkets, Inc.
Always Fresh
Amar Ranch Markets
Amazing Grains Natural Foods Market
Amelia's Grocery Outlet
American Sales Company
Ammons Supermarket, LLC
Anacortes Food Pavilion
Andre Farms
Andy's Markets, Inc.
Angel's Food Market
Angeli's Food Company
Arcata Co-Op
Arcs Co. Ltd.
Arlington Food Pavilion
ASDA Group Plc
Ashland Food Co-op
Associated Food Stores, Inc.
Associated Fresh Markets, Inc.
Associated Grocers
Associated Grocers, Inc. (LA)
Associated Pharmacies, Inc.
Associated Retail Stores
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Oklahoma City Division
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Springfield Division
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Fort Worth Division
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Gulf Coast Division
Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Memphis Division
Associated Wholesale Grocers - Nashville Division
Associated Wholesalers, Inc.
Astoria Cooperative
Atkinsons' Market
Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd.
Auto Mercado
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B&R Stores, Inc.
B. W. Bishop & Sons, Inc.
Babbs Supermarket, Inc.
Bachetti Brothers Meat Market
Baesler's Market
Ball's Price Chopper/Hen House Markets
Ballard Market #211
Bargain Barn, Inc.
Barney's Market
Barry's Country Food Market, Inc.
Bashas' Inc.
BB's Grocery Outlet
Beamies Mini Mart, Inc.
Bel-Garden Food Mart, Inc.
Belden Holdings, Inc.
Belfast Cooperative
Belmont Market, Inc.
Ben Foods (Brunei) Sdn. Bhd.
Ben Lomond Market
Berkshire Co-op Market
Bert's Red Apple Market, Inc.
Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC
Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC - Team 2
Big Chief Market
Big E's Foodland
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Birdsboro Market Inc.
BJ's Value Market Inc.
Blaine Cost Cutter
Bloomfield Shursave
Bloomingfoods Market and Deli
Bloss Holiday Market, LLC
Blue Hill Co-op Community Market & Cafe
Bluff Country Co-op
Bluhm's Shopping Center
Board Spouses
Bob & Romaine's Grocery
Bodega Aurrera
Boggs Cressona Market
Boise Co-op
Bompreco S.A.
Book's Market
Bottino Supermarkets, Inc.
Bottom Dollar Food
Bowen's Grocery, Inc.
Boxer Superstores
Boyer's Food Markets, Inc
Bozzuto's Inc.
BP Food Shop
Bracey Supermarkets, Inc.
Brach's Five Towns, LLC
Brattleboro Food Coop
Bressi Market
Brewer's Market
BriarPatch Co-op Market
Bridge's Market
Bristol Farms, Inc.
Brok-Sel Markets, Inc.
Brookdale ShopRite, Inc.
Brookins Grocery
H. Brooks and Company
Brookshire Brothers, Inc.
Brookshire Grocery Company
Brosius Market
Brown's Super Stores, Inc.
Bud's Market
Buonadonna ShopRite, LLC
Burkholder's Market
Burris Logistics
Busch's, Inc.
Butcher Boy Market
Buy-Low Foods
Byer's Stop N Go
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C & B Supermarket, Inc.
C & C Candies & Country Store
C & S Convenience Store
C&S Wholesale Grocers - Fresno Division
C&S Wholesale Grocers - Hawaii Division
C&S Wholesale Grocers - Sacramento Division
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Cal's General Store
Calhoun Enterprises, Inc.
Campbell's Market
Canda Six Fortune Foods Co. Ltd.
Canned Foods, Inc.
Cannie D's Corner Store
Cargills (Ceylon), Ltd.
Cargills Quality Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Carlton Supermarket
Carone's Shursave Supermarket
Carrs Safeway
Carter's Food Center of Vinita, Inc.
Castaldi's Market
Cedar Cliff BP
Centerville Road BP
Central Co-op, Inc.
Central Grocers, Inc.
Chambersburg BP
Champagne's Supermarket, Inc.
Chas Ball Markets Inc
Chatham Marketplace
Chequamegon Food Co-op
Chester Heights Food Market
Chicks Express
Chico Natural Foods Cooperative
Chief Super Market, Inc.
Choconut Market
Choi Front Market
CHR Corporation
Chubb's Market
Chucky's Food and Beer Store
City Center Market
City Market
City Market/Onion River Co-op
City Provisions
Claverack Food Mart
Claysburg Hometown Market
Clayton Ranch Market
Clements Market
Clifford Farm Market
Club Demonstration Services
Co-opportunity Consumers Co-op
Coborn's, Incorporated
Colemans Food Centre
Colligas Family Market, LP
Collin's Grocery
Collins Family Markets, Inc.
Colonial Farms Food Store, Inc.
Common Ground Food Co-op
Common Market
Communication Testing
Community Food Co-Op (MT)
Community Food Co-op (WA)
Community Market
Community Shop
Company Shops Market
Compare Foods Supermarkets
Concord Cooperative Market
Confer's Country Market
Confluence Foodmart
Conklin Reliable Market, Inc.
Connelly's Market
Cook County Whole Foods Co-op
Cook's Variety Store
The Copps Corporation
Cosentino's Food Stores
Country Food Market
Country Harvest Family Market
Country Market
Croppers Shurfine Market
Crystal Spring Farm, Inc.
Cub Foods
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D & D Foods
D & G shopping Center
D & H Keystone Market, Inc.
D&W Food Centers, Inc.
Dale's Market, Inc.
Dan's Supermarkets, Inc.
Davis Food & Drug
Davis Food Co-op
Davis Meats Farmer's Market
Daymon International, Inc.
Daymon Worldwide Inc.
Daymon Worldwide Trading
DeCicco Family Markets
Deep Roots Market
Delaware Supermarkets, Inc.
Delcamp's Grocery
Delhaize America
Delhaize Group
Delicious Orchards
Delta Maxi
Delvi Inc.
Der Markt Food Store
Di Giorgio Corporation
Dillon Companies, Inc.
Dine Markets
Don's Food Store
Donelan's Supermarkets, Inc.
Dorothy Lane Market, Inc.
Doug's Maxi Market
Down to Earth Corporate
Down to Earth Honolulu
Down to Earth Kahului
Down to Earth Kailua
Down to Earth Kapolei
Down to Earth Pearlridge
Drug Warehouse
Drust Markets LLC
Duane Reade, Inc.
Dublin Market
Dudley Supermarkets, Inc.
Durango Natural Foods
Dutch Mill Market
Dutch-Way Farm Market, Inc.
Dutchman's Country Market
Dyer Foods, Inc.
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E.W. James & Sons, Inc.
East End Food Co-op
East End Market & Deli
East Lansing Food Co-op
East Wenatchee Food Pavilion
Eastern Produce Distributors
Eastside Food Cooperative
EB's Market, Inc.
Ed's Market
Eddie's Country Store, Inc.
Eddie's of Roland Park
Eddie's Supermarket
Edwards Family Shop n Save
Elderton Country Market, Inc.
Elias Market
Ell's Park Market
Ellwood City Save-A-Lot
Elm City Market Community Coop
Emerald City Supermarket
Enola Shurfine Market
Erford BP
Eureka Co-Op
Ever'man Natural Foods Co-op, Inc.
Everett Cost Cutter
Everett Foodliner, Inc.
Evergreen Stores, Inc.
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Fairground Grocery Store
Fairland Market, Inc.
Fairview Foods, Inc.
Fairway Group Holdings Corp.
Family Fare, Inc.
Fareway Stores, Inc.
Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy
Federated Group, Inc.
Feeding America
Ferguson & Hassler Supermarket
Ferndale Cost Cutter
Ferri Supermarket
Festival Foods
Fetch's Enterprises, Inc.
Fiesta Mart, Inc.
FireLake Discount Foods
First Alternative Co-op
First Food Market
Fisher's Food Center
Five Mountain Market
Five Star
Five Star Supermarkets, Inc.
Flatbush Food Cooperative
Floco Foods, Inc.
Florist Distributing, Inc.
Food 4 Less/Foods Co.
Food Circus / Foodtown
Food City
Food City
The Food Co-op
Food Conspiracy Co-Op
Food Front Co-Operative Grocery
Food Lion, LLC
Food Parade, Inc.
Foodfair #1
Foodfair #2
Foodfair #3
Foodies Market
Foodland Super Market, Ltd.
Foodland Supermarket Co., Ltd.
Foods ETC.
Foresta's Country Meat Market
Fortino's Supermarkets Ltd.
Foster's Food Fair Limited
Four B Corporation
Fourth Avenue Supermarket, Inc.
Franklin Community Co-op
Fred's Market
Frederick's PA Dutch Meats
Freed's Supermarkets, Inc.
French Broad Food Co-Op
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Inc.
Fresh Encounter, Inc.
The Fresh Grocer
The Fresh Market, Inc.
Fresh n' Frugal
Fresh Plus Food Market
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Friedman's Freshmarket - Brady Street
Friedman's Freshmarket - Chicora
Friedman's Freshmarket - Greater Butler
Friedman's Freshmarket - Point Plaza
Friedman's Freshmarket - Saxonburg
Friedman's Freshmarkets
Friedman's Freshmarket - East Brady
Friendly City Food Co-op
Friendly Foodmart
Fry's Food Stores
Fuller's Store
Fulmer Supermarkets, Inc.
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G.W. Superette
Gardners Market
Garrison's Grocery
Gelson's Markets
Germantown Food Market
Gerrity's Supermarkets
Geyer Holding Company
Geyers' Markets, Inc.
Giant Eagle, Inc.
Giant Food LLC
Giant Food Stores, LLC
Giant Tiger Stores
Gingrich's Market
Glen's Markets, Inc.
Glenburnie Grocery
Global Logistic Solutions, LLC
Golub Corporation
Gonzales & Sons Inc.
Good Earth Market
Good Foods Market & Café
Goodman's Foodliner, Inc.
Gould's Shursave Supermarket
Graceton Shurfine Market
Grade A ShopRite
Grain Train Natural Foods Market
Grand Food Market
Grand Union Family Markets
Graul's Market
Graul's Market, Inc.
Great Scot, Inc.
Green Hills Farms, Inc.
Greencastle BP
Greenstar Cooperative Market
GreenTree Cooperative Grocery
Greenville Super Foods
Greenwood Market #214
Gregerson's Foods, Inc.
Grier's Market
Gristick's Food Kart
Groceries Plus
The Grocers Supply Co., Inc.
Grocery Outlet Inc.
Gross Manorette
Grosvenor Market, Inc.
GT's Handi Mart
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H.E.B. Supermercados de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
H.Y. Louie Co., Ltd.
Haggen, Inc.
Hake's Grocery, Inc.
Hall's Market
Hames Corp.
Hamilton Heights Market, Inc.
Hannaford Supermarkets
Hanover Co-op Food Store
Hanrahan's Market
Harmons Grocery
Harmony Natural Foods Co-op
Harris Teeter LLC
Hartz-Levan Grocery & Deli
Harvest Co-op Markets
Harvest House, Inc.
Harvest Market
Harvest Moon Natural Foods
Harveys Supermarket
Hatboro Market and Deli
Hayek's Market
Hays Food Town, Inc.
Hazle Park Meats & Groceries, Inc.
Healthy's, Inc.
Height's Market
Heinen's Fine Foods, Inc.
Henderson's IGA, Inc.
Hendersonville Community Co-op
Henning's Market, Inc.
Herr's Village Market, Inc.
Hershey BP
Hess Market & Restaurant
Heyman's Save A Lot
Highland Farms, Inc.
Highland Park Market, Inc.
Hilsher's General Store
Hobb's Country Market, Inc.
Hocker’s Super Center
Hogestown BP
Home Town Market
Honest Weight Food Co-op, Inc.
Hornbacher's Foods
Huber's West End Market
Hunger Mountain Co-op
Hungry Hollow Co-op
Hurley Ridge Market
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Hy-Vee, Inc. - Team 2
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IGA Global, Inc.
Ikari Supermarket Co., Ltd.
Imperial Distributors, Inc.
Inferrera's Market
Ingles Markets, Inc.
Inserra Supermarkets, Inc.
Interfrank Group Holdings Limited
IPCF Properties Inc.
Isla Vista Food Co-op
Island Market Co., Inc.
Island Pacific Supermarket
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J & D Supermarkets, LLC
J&J Foods, Inc.
Jace Holdings Ltd.
Jack's Country Gas & Grocery
Jack's Market
Jack's Super Foodtown
Jane's Market
Janna Test Company
Janson Supermarkets, LLC
Jawad Business Group
Jay & Company, Inc.
Jay C Food Stores
Jay's Deli
Jerónimo Martins, SGPS, S.A.
Jerry and Son Market
Jim Thorpe Market
Jo-Lee's Market
Joanna Store
Joe's Grocery
Joe's Market
John F. Martin Meats
John's General Store
Jong's Market
Joseph Family Markets, LLC
Joseph's Food Market
Jubilee Foods
Jungle Jim's International Market, Inc.
Just Food Co-op
Just Local Food Cooperative
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K & S Grocery
K Five Incorporated
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
K.V. Mart Co.
Kalamazoo People's Food Co-op
Karetas Foods, Inc.
Kealakekua Ranch, Ltd.
Kearny ShopRite, Inc.
KeHE Distributors
Keller's Market
Keni Foods Enterprises, Inc.
Kennie's Markets
Kenyan Co.
Kesko Food Ltd.
Key Food Stores Co-operative, Inc.
King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc.
King Pin Beverage
King Soopers
Kings Super Markets, Inc.
Kinokuniya Co., Ltd.
Kinsley Super Market
Kittanning IGA #963
Klein's Family Markets
Kline's Grocery
Knowlan's Super Markets, Inc.
Koninklijke Ahold nv
Koppy's on the Square
Kotsch's Market, Inc.
Krasdale Foods, Inc.
The Kroger Co.
The Kroger Co. (Atlanta Division)
The Kroger Co. (Columbus Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Central Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Cincinnati Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Delta Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Mid-Atlantic Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Mid-South Division)
Kroger Limited Partnership (Southwest Division)
KTM Supermarkets, Inc.
Kudrinko's Ltd.
Kutsop's Market
Kwik 'N' E-Z
Kwik Shop, Inc.
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La Montanita Co-op Food Market
Lakeshore Foods Corporation
Lakeway Cost Cutter
Lakewinds Natural Foods
Landers River Mart
Landhope Farms
Laurel Grocery Co., LLC
Lawtons Drugs
Lazy Acres Market
Lee's Mini Market
Lewis Supermarket Inc.
Lexington Cooperative Market
Lickdale Campground & General Store
Life Grocery & Cafe
Lin's Supermarkets, Inc.
Linden Food Market, Inc.
Linden Hills Co-op
Little Apple Market #9124
Little Britain Store, Inc.
Lloyd's IGA
Loaf 'N Jug
Loblaw Brands Limited
Loblaw Companies Limited
Loblaw Properties Limited
Lochen's Market
Locust Point Market
Lomar Distributing
London Britain Exxon
Long's Community Store
Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.
Longs Pic Pac
Los Alamos Cooperative Market
Lou & Son Food Market
Lowes Foods, LLC
LTA International Global Services
Lueken's Food Store, Inc.
Lund Food Holdings, Inc.
Luverne Super Foods
Lynden Food Pavilion
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M & B Market & Deli
M & K Market
Macey's, Inc.
Madison Food Corp.
Madzin's, Inc.
Main Line Deli
Main Street Market
Main Street Supermarket Corp.
Makati Supermarket Corporation
Mannix Supermarkets
Maple City Market
Mariposa Food Co-op
Market Basket
Market Center
Market Centre
Market of Choice, Inc.
Marketing And Distribution Agencies
The Markets LLC
Marquette Food Co-op
Mars Super Markets, Inc.
Martin's Country Market
Martin's Food Markets
Martin's Super Markets, Inc.
Martins Creek Pioneer Store
Maryland Line Service Center
Mastrorocco's Market
Matthews Market
May's Drug Stores, Inc.
McCaffery's Market
McClanahan Downtown Market
McKay's Food & Drug
McKay's Wildewood
McLane Global
McMullens Grocery Store
McQuade's Marketplace
Meadowcroft Exxon
Med-X Drug
Medford Food Co-op
Mega Image S.A.
Meijer, Inc.
Menges Mills Market
Menomonie Market Food Co-op
Merchants Distributors, LLC
Meridian Cost Cutter
Metcalfe Markets, Inc.
Metropolitan Market
Mexico Market
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc.
Mid-Mountain Foods
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op
Middlesex Texaco Food Mart
Midway Supermarket, Inc.
Mifflinville Market
Mike & Penny's Market & Deli
Mike's Market
Mike's Super Market
Milford Market
Milford Markets, Inc.
Mill Creek Central Market #217
Miller Farms Family Markets
Miller's Food Market, Inc.
Miller's Market
Millington Market
Minehill Supermarket
Ministop Convenience
Minit Market
Mississippi Market Co-op
Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op
Mitchell Grocery Corporation
The Mixing Bowl Deli
Mollie Stone's Markets
Montego Bay Market, Inc.
Morton's Gourmet Market
Moscow Food Co-op
Mount Vernon Food Pavilion
Mountain Fresh Shursave Supermarket
Mountain View Market
Moyer's Meats
Mr. Food Convenience Store
Murry's Food
Mussers Market, Inc.
Mustard Seed Market & Cafe
Mutzabaugh's Market
My Brands
Myer's Meat Market, Inc.
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Nash Finch - Bellefontaine Division
Nash Finch - Bridgeport Division
Nash Finch - Cincinnati Division
Nash Finch - Iowa Division
Nash Finch - Lima Division
Nash Finch - Nebraska Division
Nash Finch - North Dakota Division
Nash Finch - South Dakota Division
Nash Finch - St. Cloud Division
Nash Finch - Westville Division
National Co+op Grocers
National Food Market
National Grocers Company, Ltd.
Natural Markets Food Group
Nature's Best
Neighborhood Co-op Grocery
Neiman's Family Market - Tawas
Nell's Shurfine Markets, Inc.
New Albertson's, Inc.
New Albertson's, Inc. - Southern California Division
New Albertson's, Inc. - Intermountain Division
New Albertson's, Inc. - Northwest Division
New Albertson's, Inc. - Pharmacy Operations
New Albertson's, Inc. - Southern Division
New Albertson's, Inc. - Southwest Division
New Brighton Foodland
New Doris' Market, Inc.
New Leaf Community Markets
New Leaf Market
New Milford Market LLC
New Oxford Shurfine Market
Newport Avenue Market
Nichols Market
Nick's Supermarket
Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.
No Frills Supermarkets
No Name Food Store
Noone's Market
North Coast Cooperative, Inc.
The North West Company Inc.
Northgate Gonzalez Market
Northwest Grocers
Nottingham Trading Limited
Nugget Market, Inc.
Nutley Park ShopRite, Inc.
Nutricion Fundamental, Inc.
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O'Neill's Food Market, Inc.
O.K. Grocery Company
Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op
Oliver's IGA
Olivett Market Inc.
Oneota Community Co-op
Open Harvest Cooperative Grocery
Orchard Markets, Inc.
Oregon Dairy, Inc.
Oreland Market
Oryana Natural Foods Market
Otwell's Market, LLC
Outpost Natural Foods
Overwaitea Food Group
Ozark Natural Foods
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P. Hastings Corporation
P.D.S. Entertainment
Pak's Food Market
Paks Food Market
Palm Tree Market
Palubicki's Inc.
Park Avenue Market, Inc.
Park Slope Food Coop
Parktowne Supermarket
Paul Mart
Paulsboro Texaco
Paxton BP
PCC Natural Markets
Peapod, Inc.
Peck's Market of Callicoon
Peck's Market, Inc.
Penn Avenue Meats, Inc.
Penn Corner
The Penn Traffic Company
Pennington Quality Market
Penny's Food Market
People's Food Co-op
People's Food Co-op & Café Verde
People's Food Cooperative, Inc.
Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Ltd.
Perlmart, Inc.
Peters Brothers Meat Market, Inc.
Phoenix Earth Food Co-op
Pick 'n Pay Retailers (PTY) Ltd. - Retail Division
Pick 'n Pay Holdings Ltd.
Piggly Wiggly LLC
Pinebrook Market
Pingo Doce
Pittman's Market, Inc.
Pomona Mini Market
Pop's IGA
Port Stockton Food Distributors, Inc.
Potash Markets
Poulsbo Central Market #216
President's Choice International
Preston Country Market
Pretty Boy Market
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Prime Time Nutrition, Inc.
Prisco's Fine Foods, Inc.
Pronio's Markets, Inc.
Prospect Corner Store
Prosser Food Depot
Provigo, Inc.
PRRC, Inc.
PSK Supermarkets
PT Lion Super Indo, LLC
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Putney Food Co-op
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Quality Food Centers
Quik Shop
Quik Stop
Quincy Natural Foods Co-op
Quinn's Shursave Supermarket
Qwik Mart
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R & S Sales Unlimited, Inc.
R.F. Owens Co., Inc.
RAAM Trading Post Corp. - Rock Hill Trading Post
Rainbow Acres
Rainbow Foods
Ralphs Grocery Company
Randalls Food and Drugs LP
Rautakesko Ltd.
Ray's Supermarkets
Reading Plaza Supermarket
Real Value IGA Supermarket
Recheio Cash & Carry, SA
Red & White Market
Reid's, Inc.
Relay Foods
Retail Markets Company
Rhoads Country Market
Riba Smith, S.A.
Ric's Food Center
Riccardo's Market, Inc.
Rice Epicurean Markets, Inc.
Riesbeck Food Markets, Inc.
Riesbeck's Pharmacy
Riggin's Market, Inc.
Rising Tide Community Market
River Market Community Co-op
River Valley Market
Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd.
Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op
Rob's Market
Roche Bros. Supermarkets, Co.
Rochester Good Food Store
Rockaway Market
Roland's of Chesapeake Station
Ron's Fruit Market, Inc.
Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Rose Trucking
Rossi's Shursave Supermarket
Rossini's Market
Rondout Grocers
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. - General Merchandise Division
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. - Milwaukee Division
Route 209 Supermarket
Ruggiero's Market
Russ's Market
Rutter's Farm Stores
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Sabatelle's Market
Sack 'N Save, Inc.
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
Safeway Inc.
Safeway Jordan
Safeway Operations - Sobeys Inc.
Safran's Supermarket
Sak 'N Save
Saker ShopRites, Inc.
Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace
Sam and Sam Meats, Inc.
Sam's Club
Sam's Club Mexico
Sam's Supermarket
Sander's Market
Sandy Bottom Market LLC
Sandy Ridge Market
Sandy Toz Beach Shop
Santoni's Country Market
Arabian Stores Co., Ltd. (Sarawat Superstores)
Sassafras Market
Saubel's Market
Save-A-Lot, Ltd.
Saxton Market
Sayford Market
Saylor's Market
Saylor's Market, Inc.
Schiel's Family Market
Schiel's Shursave Supermarket
Schlegel's Groceries
Schneider's Market
Schneider's of Kirkwood, Inc.
Schnuck Markets, Inc.
Schreck's Market
Scolari's Food & Drug Company
Score Supermarkets
Scott's Food and Pharmacy
Sea Mart Quality Foods
Seaside Market, Inc.
Sedro-Woolley Food Pavilion
Seicomart Co., Ltd.
Selah Save-on-Foods
Selectos Los Prados, Inc.
Sellers Bros., Inc.
Serv-Rite II
Serv-Rite Market
Sevananda Natural Foods Market
Seward Community Co-op
Shade's Food Market
Shady Maple Farm Market, Inc.
Shady Side Market
Shakoor Supermarkets
Shaw's Market
Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc.
Shawnee Country Market
Sheraden Market
Shop & Carry
Shop 'n Save
Shoppers Food Warehouse Corp.
ShopRite Brandywine Commons
ShopRite Financial Services
ShopRite First State Plaza
ShopRite Glass Gardens, Inc.
Shoprite Group Plc
ShopRite McMenamin
ShopRite of Bristol
ShopRite of Brodheadsville
ShopRite of Carteret
ShopRite of Delran
ShopRite of Edison
ShopRite of Lincoln Park, Inc.
ShopRite of Little Falls
ShopRite of Mansfield
ShopRite of Newton
ShopRite of Oakland, Inc.
ShopRite of Passaic/Clifton
ShopRite of Pennington, Inc.
ShopRite of Waminster
ShopRite of West Haven
ShopRite of Willingboro
ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.
ShopRite of Hunterdon County, Inc.
Shore Foods Middlesex
Shoreline Central Market #212
Shufersal Ltd.
Shurfine International, Inc.
Shurfine Market
Siam Jusco Co., Ltd.
Sickles Market LLC
Silver City Food Co-op
Sim's Market
Sissonville Foodland, Inc.
Skagit Valley Food Co-op
Smart & Final Stores LLC
Smiley's Deli & Food Market
O.V. Smith & Sons, Inc.
Smith's Food and Drug
Smithfield Stop N Shop
Smithmyer's Superette
Smokin Joe's Meat & Deli
Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
Sobeys Atlantic Region
Sobeys Inc.
Sobeys Ontario Region
Sobeys Quebec Region
Sobeys Western Region
Sobjak's Market
Somerset Stores, LLC
Son-Rae Store
Sonestown Market
Southeast Food Distribution
Southside Food Pavilion
Southtown Market
SPAR International
SpartanNash Company
Speedy Food Market
Spires IGA Supermarket
Sprankle's Neighborhood Market
Springfield Colonial Village Meat Market Inc.
Springfield Food Co-op
St. Peter Food Co-op & Deli
Stafford Lynch Ltd.
Stange's Quick Serve
Stater Bros. Markets
Stauffers of Kissel Hill
Stebek, Inc. dba Acquistapace's Covington Supermarket
Steve's Exxon
Stinson Beach Market
Stohler & Stohler, Inc.
Stoltzfus Market
The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
Strack & Van Til Supermarkets, Inc.
Strasburg Market Basket
The Sultan Center
Sunny Ray Market
Sunnyway Foods
Sunrise Market
Sunrise ShopRite, Inc.
Sunset Cost Cutter
Sunset Foods
Sunshine Supermarket
Sunshine Wholesale Grocery, Inc.
Super D Drug Store
Super Foods Supermarkets
Super One
Super Saver
Superama, S.A.
Superior Meat Market
Supermarkets of Cherry Hill, Inc.
The Supermart Ltd.
Supermercados Amigo, Inc.
SUPERVALU - Anniston Division
SUPERVALU - Bismarck Division
SUPERVALU - Boise Home Office
SUPERVALU - Central Region
SUPERVALU - Des Moines Division
SUPERVALU - Desloge General Merchandise Divsion
SUPERVALU - Eastern Region
SUPERVALU - Food Marketing Division
SUPERVALU - Holdings Division
SUPERVALU - International Division
SUPERVALU - J. M. Jones Division
SUPERVALU - Keene Division
SUPERVALU - Lancaster Distribution Center
SUPERVALU - Lewis Grocer Division
SUPERVALU - Mid-Atlantic Division
SUPERVALU - Milton Division
SUPERVALU - Northern Region
SUPERVALU - Northwest Region
SUPERVALU - Pittsburgh Division
SUPERVALU - Quincy Division
SUPERVALU - Ryans Division
SUPERVALU - Southeast Region
SUPERVALU - Spokane Division
SUPERVALU - St. Louis Division
SUPERVALU - West Region
SUPERVALU Pharmacies, Inc.
SUPERVALU University
Swarthmore Co-op
Syracuse Real Food Co-op
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T & C Market
T & T Supermart
T.J.'s Market
T.J. Barts
Takoma Park Silver Spring Food Coop
The Tamarkin Co.
Target Corporation
Target Financial Services
Tarone Brothers, Inc.
Tawa Supermarkets Inc.
Test International
The Co-op
The Market Place
The Merc
The North West Company (International)
Thomas Food Mart
Thompsontown Market, Inc.
Thomson's Meat Market
Three Rivers Market
Thrifty Foods Inc.
Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market
Tiger IGA
Todos Supermarket
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy, Inc.
Top Valu Markets
Topco Associates LLC
Tops Markets, LLC
TopSource LLC
Town & Country Market
Town & Country Markets, Inc.
Town & Country Market #215
TPSS Food Co-op
Tresckow Super Food
Tripifoods, Inc.
Triple Fresh Market
Trout's Market
Trucchi's Supermarkets
Turkey Hill Minit Market
Twin Pine Farm Country Store
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Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op
Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods, LLC
Ultra Foods
Umholtz Grocery
Unified Grocers - Portland Division
Unified Grocers, Inc.
United Supermarkets, LLC
Upper Valley Food Co-op
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Valley Farm Market
Valley Market
Valley Natural Foods
Valu Merchandisers Company
Valu Plus Warehouse
Van-Whole Produce Ltd.
Vandergrift IGA
Varano's Warehouse, Inc.
VG's Food Center
Victor's Market, Inc.
Viking Food Ltd.
Village Market
Village Markets Ltd.
Village Square BP
Village Super Market, Inc.
VIP Foodservice
VIP Market
Viroqua Food Co-op
Vitali's Market
The Vons Companies, Inc.
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W. Lee Flowers & Co., Inc.
W. Newell & Co.
Wakefern Food Corporation
Wal-Mart Brazil S.A.
Wal-Mart Chile
Wal-Mart China
Wal-Mart EMEA
Wal-Mart Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Wal-Mart Indonesia
Wal-Mart de Argentina, S.A.
Wal-Mart International
Wal-Mart Korea, Ltd.
Wal-Mart de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Wal-Mart Puerto Rico
Wal-Mart Specialty Pharmacy
Wal-Mart Stores USA
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Wal-Mart Supercenters
Walgreen Co.
Walmart Canada
Walmart Latin America
Walnut Bottom BP
Walong Marketing, Inc.
Walter Stewart Company, Inc.
Wapato Save-On-Food$
Waverly Markets, LLC
Wayfield Foods, Inc.
Weaver Market
Ken Weaver Meats
Weaver Street Market
Weavers Way Cooperative
Wedge Community Co-op, Inc.
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. - Team 2
Weis Markets, Inc.
Weiser's Market
Weller's Supermarket
Wenatchee Food Pavilion
Wenger Meats & Ice
Wesselman's Supermarkets
West Side Market IGA
Western Family Foods, Inc.
Western Foods
Westfair Foods Ltd.
Wetzel's Market
Wheatsfield Cooperative
Wheatsville Co-op
White Haven Market, Inc.
White Rose Food
Whole Foods Co-op
Whole Foods Cooperative
The Whole Wheatery LLC
Wild Oats Co-op Market
Williams Country Store Bakery
Willy Street Co-op
Wilson Prime Meats & Poultry, Inc.
Wilson's Meats & Groceries
WinCo Foods, LLC
Winkler, Inc.
Winn-Dixie Stores - Jacksonville Region
Winn-Dixie Stores - Miami Region
Winn-Dixie Stores - New Orleans Region
Winn-Dixie Stores - Orlando Region
Witt Bros. Market
Woodridge IGA
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Yash Pet./Mobil Mini Mart
Yoder's Country Market
York-Benimaru Co., Ltd.
Your Country Store
Ypsilanti Food Co-op
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Zabar's & Co. Inc
Zagara's Marketplace
Zallie Supermarkets, Inc.
Zazzera's Supermarket
Zehrs Markets
Zip Zap Mini Mart
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