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ReposiTrak® provides food retailers and suppliers with a robust, interoperable solution to help protect their brands and remain in compliance with rapidly evolving regulations in FSMA. Powered by Park City Group’s technology, ReposiTrak is an internet-based solution that enables all participants in the farm-to-table supply chain easily manage records and regulatory compliance and enables traceability more than one forward or one back as products and their ingredients move between trading partners. 

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What does ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System Provide?

Faster Response–E-sign functionality negates the need to print, sign, scan and return. Suppliers can immediately improve their compliance by clicking the “Become Compliant” button.

Accuracy Verification–Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology confirms actual names, phrases or values vs. vendor submission, replacing the need for human review of any document.

Dual Reporting–Exception-based alerts are sent to both parties to address compliance issues. If a document includes an expiration date, both parties will also receive proactive reminders weeks or months in advance, as selected.

A Wide Variety of Data Collected–Data/ documentation can be received from multiple systems and in any format. ReposiTrak can even pull data from scanned documents.

Visibility–Audits can now be seen that may be underway but not yet completed.

Version Control–All of your previous versions are kept for historical reference.

Instant Access–Any supply chain document can be found in seconds using a word, phrase or value.

What does ReposiTrak’s Tracking and Tracing System Provide?

Recall VisibilityQuickly understand the scope of a recall using a geographical supply chain map overlaying an outbreak map, for example.

Product LocationUsing any identifier, ReposiTrak can locate a produced item. It can also provide the producer, the production facility, and what batch/lot numbers are associated with each documented batch. Production date and quantity delivered or received can also be tracked.

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