Food Safety Community

As a member of FMI, food safety professionals have the opportunity to participate in regular meetings, calls and updates from fellow members of the industry as part of the Food Protection Committee.

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Priority Issues

Each year the Food Protection Committee (FPC) sets priority issues which are agreed upon by the members of the committee and are approved by the Board Food Safety Committee. Priority issues are the focus of the FPC's time and resources as they develop programs and materials that will make a measurable impact in retail food safety.

Food Protection Committee

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  • To identify and prioritize food safety issues of public health significance and enhance the industry's understanding of these issues.
  • To recommend food safety policies, programs and implementation plans for Board approval.
  • To monitor federal, state and local legislative and regulatory initiatives of public health significance affecting the industry and work to support FMI positions in conjunction with other FMI committees and external constituencies.
  • To guide the development of food safety education and training materials to meet member and consumer needs.

Board Food Safety Committee

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  • To undertake a strategic, broad-based review of FMI member needs.
  • To prioritize the issues and identify the resources needed to assure that the food products in retail stores are as safe and wholesome as possible.