Gold Plate Awards

The food retail industry feeds families and enriches their lives through more than just a shopping list. U.S. consumers’ work to put food on the table, nourishing the bodies and minds of those they define as family and grocery stores enable these families to come together over a meal and share an experience. While this experience has unique context to each family, food retailers and suppliers can inspire ideas, themes, flavors and concepts to embolden food and create a meal.

The Food Marketing Institute Foundation created the Gold Plate Award in 2013 to highlight the outstanding programs implemented by the retail food industry to encourage family meals.  Examples include healthy family meals, quick and easy family meals and recipes, cooking with kids, themed dinners, breakfast with the family, MyPlate meals, and much more. The award recognizes outstanding programs that food retailers and suppliers have implemented, to encourage families to share more meals, together at home, more often. 

2016 Gold Plate Awards Criteria

In 2016 the Goal Plate Award will recognize retailer and supplier programs that creatively participated in National Family Meals Month in September.

The FMI Foundation will be gathering information about National Family Meals Month participation by food retailers and suppliers throughout the food industry during the month of September. The Gold Plate Award winners will be decided based on each company’s participation. 

The following criteria will be used in the selection of Gold Plate Award winning programs:

  • Promotion of National Family Meals Month
  • Reach of program – breadth, depth and number of people that the program reaches
  • Ability to scale and replicate the program
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Corporate participation – level of company/store-wide involvement

Winning companies will be selected in four categories:

  • Category A: Small retailers (Companies with 1-49 stores)
  • Category B: Medium retailers (Companies with 50-199 stores)
  • Category C: Large retailers (Companies with 200+ stores)
  • Category D: Suppliers

The 2016 Gold Plate Award Winners will be announced at FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Let the FMI Foundation know about your activities to promote family meals, celebrate National Family Meals Month and become eligible for the 2016 Gold Plate Award!

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