• Meat, the Most Fascinating Dinner Guest

    Mar 07, 2017
    Power of MeatMeat has been the traditional center-of-the-plate feature for years, but no one bothered to ask it where it’s from, how it feels or even who invited it to the party. Consumers must think they’ve been rude dinner guests – satisfied by a superficial relationship with their food without really getting to know it. As consummate hosts, food retailers increasingly seek opportunities to share more information about the proteins that their shoppers desire, and in the meantime, inspire sincere dinner conversations.
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  • Advice from FMI Store Manager Award Winners to Future Nominees: Brian Hayes

    Mar 03, 2017
    Brian HayesBrian Hayes, a store director for Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska, earned recognition as an outstanding store manager in 2015. As a previous winner, Hayes shared his advice with rising food retailers.
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  • Stopping by Product Date Labels on a Snowy Evening

    Mar 02, 2017
    Product Code Date LabelsBringing the industry together to agree on a common date-label language was a crucial first step, but it was only that; a first step. Much work remains to be done to bring this acclaimed initiative to fruition. There will be cross- industry task forces assembled to continue the work in three important areas.
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  • 2017 Top Trends in Fresh: Holistic Health

    Mar 01, 2017
    Fresh FoodsAccording to 2017 Top Trends in Fresh, 230 million individuals will be living with chronic illnesses by 2030, and it’s no surprise to hear, that healthcare premiums are also soaring. In response, consumers are focusing on self-care and holistic foods. Now when I visit my doctor the conversation is usually around what foods will benefit my health. It’s amazing how many choices in the Fresh Department help consumers prevent and manage disease states, increase nutrition needs, and increase vitamin intake without the need to swallow a handful of supplements. Food is powerful and it’s proving its ability to prevent specific illnesses.
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  • 12 New Technologies that May Impact the Grocery Industry

    Feb 28, 2017
    11Wearables2of2Our cameras snapped away as we captured innovations that could impact the food retail industry. Here are a dozen technologies we found—in no particular order—that you might find useful or relevant, including a few you might even like personally
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  • Are You Ready For the Digital Food Shopper?

    Feb 27, 2017
    20161208-FMI-0683_ed-WEBWhen was the last time you purchased a hardcover book? How about a magazine? How many of your adult children have a newspaper delivered to their home every day of the week? Did you do most of your holiday shopping this year in a department store or online? All of these questions should stop and make you think because each of these industries—publishing, news media, retail—are being reshaped by digital shoppers. And as it is happening to these industries, it is also happening to our industry.
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  • What Makes a Great Store Manager?

    Feb 24, 2017
    FMI Store ManagerI’ve learned there’s no set equation of traits and qualities that make an outstanding store manager. In a single day, these hardworking individuals often wear many hats as they jump from project to project to serve their store and customers. Each store manager hones their own unique skill set that helps their team navigate various opportunities and challenges.
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