• FMI Food Protection Committee sets 2017 Food Safety Initiatives

    Feb 09, 2017
    FSI 17In late January, food safety professionals from FMI retail and wholesale member companies gathered in Scottsdale, AZ to discuss the 2017 food safety initiatives. The priority initiatives typically mirror the top issues that the industry is facing in food safety and will be the focus of the committee’s time and resources to develop programs and materials that will make a measurable impact in retail food safety.  
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  • Are Robots Replacing Grocery Industry Workers?

    Feb 08, 2017
    20151208-FMI-207r-WEBSome recent stories in the media have hypothesized that the grocery checkout clerk and deli associate will be replaced by robots and other emerging technologies. For those working in the food retail industry this might raise some alarms, but if we stop and examine the issue a bit further we’ll see the story isn’t as black and white as it may seem. Here are some grey areas to consider.
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  • Looking for Sales Growth? Reconsider Your GM & HBC Categories

    Feb 07, 2017
    GMHBCProgressive Grocer recently reported about new research released during the FMI 2017 Midwinter Executive Conference that outlines the opportunity for grocery stores to increase sales by reconsidering their store’s General Merchandise (GM) and Health and Beauty Care (HBC) categories. 
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  • Are you prepared for Supply Chain Regulations?

    Feb 06, 2017
    SupplyChainRegulationsFood retailers cannot ignore the rising pressure to keep track of these new rules and regulations that are constantly being rolled out and implemented. At the 2017 Supply Chain Conference, there will be several sessions discussing a number of regulations facing the food industry, including labor laws, product recalls and more.
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  • Unlocking the Grocery Food Safety Code

    Feb 03, 2017
    Produce In Grocery StoreThe Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a division of FMI, will soon launch its Retail/Wholesale Grocery Code, the newest certification program from SQFI. The program was developed to provide retailer and wholesaler organizations with the requirements to achieve accredited certification and creates a 365-degree uniform food safety management system across the retail and wholesale food industry. 
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  • Meat Prices are Down. What’s That Mean for Grocery Meat Departments?

    Feb 02, 2017
    Meat Conference Exhibit FloorAs we noted in an earlier post about the winners and losers from deflation, it is important for food retailers to educate their customers on the advantages of price savings and perhaps no department is better positioned to do this than the meat department. What are some ways to find new meal occasions, drive new product trials, reemphasize protein or move shoppers to higher margin items?
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  • An “Outlook” Into the 50 State Legislatures

    Feb 01, 2017
    Map of USAIn 2017, FMI expects to sift through some 5,000 state bills of relevance to the grocery industry. To help our members wade through this yearly tsunami of bills, coupled with political changes, FMI releases the State Legislative Outlook every January. 
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