2015 FMI Executive Award Winners



    Tres Lund      



Cheryl Macik
Esther Peterson Consumer Service Award



Wakefern President and COO Joe Sheridan described Cheryl as, “My wing person whenever there’s a time of crisis; she does it with patience, she does it with vigilance and she sees it all the way through. Cheryl makes sure that our policies reflect the current state of the consumer dynamic.”
-  Wakefern President and COO Joe Sheridan

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Tres Lund
Robert B. Wegman Award For Entrepreneurial Excellence



Kevin Davis, president and CEO of Bristol Farms, last year’s Wegman Award winner, commented, “Tres put together two cultures and steered them with one set of principles that starts with people. He’s done a phenomenal job of keeping the company growing and directionally creative with new formats and new applications of product mix and services that have made his company a leader – not only in his trade area but nationally.”
-  Kevin Davis, president and CEO of Bristol Farms

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Steve Smith
Glen P. Woodard, Jr., Public Affairs Award



“Steve is a very big advocate of our industry,” said Fred Morganthall, president, Harris Teeter LLC. “He has a clear understanding of what our industry needs in the way of rules and regulations, and clearly he speaks for our customers and he speaks for our communities.”
-  Fred Morganthall, president, Harris Teeter LLC

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David B. Dillon
Sidney R. Rabb Statesmanship Award