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SafeMark is the comprehensive food safety training program for the retail food industry.  In the business of food safety, the best protection is prevention, and it begins with the right training program.

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New SafeMark Quick Reference:  Food Safety for Food Handlers
e new publication is based on recommendations from the 2013 FDA Food Code.
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New Online Training for Food Handlers Course
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Alchemy provides an interactive online food safety training for Food Handlers based on the 2013 FDA Food Code.

An all-inclusive food safety training for retail managers, supervisors and food handlers.  Training materials are available in both print and online formats.

Food Handler Training

   Manager Training

NEW! Food Handler Online Training based on the 2013 Food Code

Online Quick Reference: Training for Food Handlers
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SafeMark Quick Reference: Food Safety for Food Handlers

Publication based on 2013 Food Code
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Coming Soon! Updated Guide to Food Safety Print and Online Manager Trainings

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Online Guide to Food Safety Training
Based on the 2009 Food Code

Available in English & Spanish

Guide to Food Safety Book
Based on the 2009 Food Code
View sample pages (English) (Español)

Learn about State Specific Food Safety Training Requirements >
Specific Regulatory Requirements for Food Safety Training Vary Between Jurisdictions.

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A training alternative designed to prepare food establishment managers and supervisors for the nationally recognized food manager certification exam.

Food Safety Fundamentals
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Manager Training based on the 2009 Food Code

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Food Safety Requirements - Supermarkets


Please check with the state for the most current information on state and local requirements.

Current State Status: State does not require certification. State has adopted the 2009 FDA Food Code with its demonstration of knowledge language. Passing a Certified Food Protection Manager is on way to meet this requirement.
State Contact: Peter Oshiro
Environmental Health Program Manager
Sanitation Branch
591 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 586-8020

State Web Address:

  • Food Safety Training Required For Managers: No
  • Food Safety Training Required Food Handlers: No
  • SafeMark Classroom Training Approved: Yes
    State does not approve courses. SSM may be used for exam preparation.
  • Minimum Number of Training Hours Required: 0.00
  • SafeMark Online Training Approved: Yes
    State does not approve courses. SSM may be used for exam preparation.
  • Training Frequency Required: 0
  • SafeMark National Registry Exam Approved: Yes.
  • Certification Exam Required: See Summary of Code Requirements.
  • Certification Exam Frequency:
  • Re-certification Exam Required: Not Applicable

Current Regulations URL:

Local Requirements:
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals/ SafeMark Exam Approval: Yes
SafeMark Training Recognized:
Summary of Code Requirements: Passing a Certified Food Protection Manager exam is one way to meet demonstration of knowledge requirement.


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